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Sell Your Chametz

I (we), the undersigned, fully empower and authorize Rabbi Sholom Schapiro to act on my (our) behalf, to sell all types of Chametz, as defined by Torah and Rabbinic law, that may be in my (our) possession, knowingly or unknowingly, wherever it may be; at home, at my (our) place of business, or elsewhere, in accordance with the requirements of Jewish law, as incorporated in the special contract for the sale of Chametz.

Rabbi Schapiro is also empowered to act as he deems fit to lease all places wherein the Chametz may be found, particularly at the address(es) below:

Rabbi Schapiro is authorized to appoint any agent or substitute in his stead who shall have full right to sell and lease as provided herein.

This delegation of power to sell Chametz is in conformity with Torah and rabbinic law, and in accordance with applicable civil laws.

This service is 100% free. There is, however, an age-old Jewish custom of contributing to charity along with the sale of chametz. 

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