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Kollel Yitzchak Yehuda

Kollel members are carefully selected from diligent Torah scholars who have received Rabbinical ordination. The Kollel selects scholars with talents for community leadership, and allows them to spend a year immersed in the study of Torah, without mundane worries. Their time in Kollel not only increases their vast knowledge, but empowers them to serve Jewish communities in the future, and fine tunes their leadership skills.

Focusing on Talmudic, Halacha and Kaballah, the Torah Center provides tailor made courses and lectures, delivered by world renowned experts in their field, to ensure the students will possess the proper tools and knowledge for their future roles as Rabbinic leaders.



The Kollel carries the name of the fathers of Mr. Shimon and Ellis Chetrit, Yitzchak and Yehuda.

Rabbi Yitzchak Chetrit was entirely devoted to G-d, with simplicity and sincerity. His daily Torah study, as well as rising each night for Tikun Chatzot, left an indelible impression on his children, who inherited is love and devotion for G-d.

Rabbi Yehuda Ben Simchon was a born leader. Following a 25 generation long chain of illustrious Rabbis, Yehuda possessed an intuitive sense for leadership, serving as Rosh Yeshiva in Arput, Morocco and a noted community leader.

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